The past eight decades of rum blending have brought Perkins & Sons rums to sly maturity and, from the founders, Ivan Perkins’s legacy and unique perspectives of history, experience and art, have worked to create truly special rum flavours for the modern connoisseur.
The Perkins & Sons logo was inspired by the long history of the company and the legacy it has in Barbados. While the Old Mill Rum label has a classic logo with a modern feel with the font pairings overall has an elegant and classic brand but with a modern touch to invite new, younger and international customers who may be unfamiliar with the legacy in Barbados.
Barbados has a recent history of Rally Car racing, with competitors coming from all around the world to compete on our roads. Perkins & Sons were able to sponsor one of the cars which I provided the car design specs for. 
Perkins & Sons 75 Label
I collaborated with Perkins & Sons to design their 75 Label for the 75th anniversary of the company. The 12 year old rum was made for a more mature, experienced audience so the branding of the bottle, the photography and the language used needed to reflect that. We went with a simple but effective label that stands out on shelves as well as behind the bar. The modern black label with the classic bottle make 75 the perfect blend of the new Perkins & Sons and the classic. ​​​​​​​
I had the opportunity to visit Lancaster Great House in Barbados to photograph the new bottle for the product shots used on the redesigned website and social media. We used Lancaster Great House for this shoot because of the heritage of the house as well as the history of the rum for the audience we want to attract. Lancaster created a classic, historical ambience for the shoot which reflected well in the photography.​​​​​​​
Barbados Sugar Cane Gin
Perkins & Sons is finally launching their very own Gin,  becoming one of the first Sugar Cane Gins produced in Barbados!
I designed the Gin labels with a new take on Perkins & Sons classic style, taking them in a different direction from their rum labels into the world of Gin. I creatively directed the original illustrations working with a local Bajan artist, sharing mood boards, video calls, and sketches. I wanted the illustrations to be in a vector etching style to be able to adapt them to the various brand assets.
Barbados Sugar Cane Vodka
The Perkins & Sons Vodka was created as a byproduct of their gin, because of how gin is made it's very closely related to vodka so the product was born. 
The label for the vodka needed to appeal to the audience that buys vodka and relate to what is seen on the shelf all while standing out for the rest of the industry. By doing so we decided to use the sans serif font to appeal to a younger, modern audience as well as show the most unique thing about the vodka, it being made from sugar cane. The black background makes the bottle stand out on the shelf as well as stand out from the rest of the Perkins & Sons family. I used the sugar cane illustration to reference the family of Gin as well as give the label some visual interest.

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