175 Years of Boots Concept
Florence Boot had the answers back in 1886, and she still has them now in 2024!
The Idea
Flo wants to be the most helpful online shopping assistant you'll interact with as well as a trusted source of information for people of all ages to chat with and have a safe space to ask any questions they need.
Flo will be visually exciting, with typographic elements as the main focus as well as using the Boots curve element to communicate the coming together of the customer and Flo. Flo will be able to be experienced visually, as well as sonically by using recordings of Florence Boot to simulate her voice as the trusted source of information across the Boots brand.
HelloFlo will be the communication device across Boots' 175th year, by celebrating cultural moments, science, innovation and breakthroughs.
The Boots app rebrands for a short period to the new HelloFlo branding, like how ASOS and Amazon do for holidays like Black Friday. 
This brings awareness to the new service and introduces Flo to the existing Boots app users. 
Studies show that people don’t like to download new apps to do business so integrating with the Boots app allows ease of use and encourages people to use the new product, HelloFlo.
Brand Integration
HelloFlo would be used across several Boots brand integrations. Playlists across music platforms curated by Boots teams to integrate HelloFlo and Boots into customers' everyday lives. Jumping off of Boots' partnership with Love Island, the audience would see on TikTok the contestants chatting with "Flo" for advice like you can in the Boots app. Sponsored content like on popular Spotify playlists. Other ideas not pictured is to have Flo across podcasts, TV and film.

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