Client: ELLE UK in association with Nike
Project Type: Branding, Animation, Video Graphics
Project Overview:
I worked with ELLE UK editorial and Nike to create branding concepts, logos, social media assets, and video graphics for the first ELLE podcast in association with Nike called Why I... Move. The podcast features conversations with prominent women from the worlds of fashion, beauty, entertainment and sport, to talk about how and, more importantly, why they fit movement into their schedules.
My Role:
I worked closely with the ELLE and Nike teams to develop a branding concept that reflected the essence of the podcast. The final logo and podcast featured the typography that ELLE is known for while a little movement for a little nod to the topic while keeping it within the ELLE family. The colour was picked from a recent ELLE cover to add an exciting touch that also speaks to the Nike partnership. I created the logo, social media assets, animation and video graphics to promote the podcast across various channels.
The Why I... Move podcast was a huge success, with over 1000 downloads in its first month. The branding and social media assets that I created helped to generate awareness for the podcast and attract listeners from all over.
Learn more about the partnership and podcast here.

Animated short-form video for Stories, Reels and TikTok

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Why I... Move podcast on the Apple Podcasts home page

Out of Home campaign

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