Nature reclaiming the city
Design led by Katharine Horgan  
Contributors: Nick Cozier, Nikki Prosser, Richard Spooner & Alyce Heeley  
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With this year’s Global Water Annual Review, the Visual Communication project team and the Global Water team both wanted to push our digital approach even further into something we had never done to this extent. From feedback and research from last year as well as experiences from the global pandemic, we knew most people would be viewing online on their desktop, so it was the perfect time to introduce video content to the Annual Review.
We offered various visual identity concepts that incorporated our new branding and tone of voice, and settled on this year’s approach of “nature reclaiming the city”. This theme was incorporated throughout the Review, across copy, imagery, branding and videos. By including high quality videos of real footage where Arup operates that showed “nature reclaiming the city”, we were able to ground the Review in reality, and show the audience what we at Arup do.
Again, this year we promoted the Annual Review strategically using a cohesive, campaign approach across our various channels with carefully crafted copy, animated videos, social media posts and client emails. Through a combination of global social media channels, individual’s social media, and emailing targeted clients, it was very successful. With over 490 individual readers and almost 100 total hours spent reading on the Adobe Publish online platform and over 13,000 views across social media.
The Global Water Annual Review is circulated internally to all staff across  the global water business and made available to all other staff via our intranet and Newsrooms. It’s also shared externally on and sent to key contacts.
Social media cards were designed and wordsmithed with the team to promote each article in the Report for months to come across our social media channels. 3/7

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