Design led by Nick Cozier
Contributors: Richard Spooner, Chiraag Amarnani, Sian Campbell, Connor Reed
Listen to the podcast here.
For one of Arup's first podcasts I wanted to not only instil it with great design but a great design system. Knowing that Spotify is one of the most popular podcast platforms which support unique podcast artwork for each individual episode, I wanted the artwork to be interchangeable depending on the topic of conversation in that episode. Whether it be water, the city, sustainability or technology, the podcast artwork would reflect that along with the name of that episode.
The finished artwork is one of my favourite projects from Arup, and having complete confidence and support from both the senior leadership and my team members in my creative vision and direction meant the final product was better than how I envisioned it would be.

Podcast cover mockup

Social media snippet video 

Email footer banner

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